Everything We Know So Far About Season 2

In November 2021, Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble introduced us to Kimberly, Bela, Leighton, and Whitney, four college roommates trying to survive their first year at the elite and academically competitive Essex College of Vermont in The Sex Lives of College Girls. Thrown together by the dorm’s resident advisor at random, the four young women couldn’t be any more different. Though, as the ladies deal with their own personal struggles they learn to trust and lean on each other, whether that’s through the sharing of vulnerable secrets, attending awesome themed frat parties, or smashing entire cheesecakes in one sitting while badmouthing meathead boys, and their stupid, stupid six-pack abs. Fans of the wildly hilarious series know that it’s not just another chick flick though. Written and created by one of the brilliant minds behind The Office, this groundbreaking comedy looks at sex, love, and relationships in a reality-shaking way, with characters and situations that hit home and awesome college hijinx that will make you long for school. We never thought anything would make us miss the world of exams, smelly mini-fridges, and tuition payments, but now with Season one finished, we miss those dorm days even more, and can’t wait to see what the women of suite 104 are up to. Audiences are hoping for more sexy scandals, more heart to hearts, more steamy tutoring sessions, and more strong women lifting each other up, holding people accountable, and blazing their own trails while learning what it’s like to suddenly have freedom.


HBO Max announced in December 2021, just one month after The Sex Lives of College Girls premiered, that the series was renewed for a second season. With the women only in their first year of university, audiences are hoping that this is the start of a long-running series.

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When Will Season Two Be Released?

With the renewal announcement coming so soon after the first season, fans of the series have been waiting for any word of the second. Luckily, Mindy Kaling has been giving us plenty of updates on the second season from her Twitter account. Between posts of reuniting with her on-screen beau from The Office, her opinion on the Atlanta episode descriptions, and her important work with charities such as PurpleStride, Mindy Kaling has shared on-set updates of life with her fellow writers as well as a table read giving fans a sneak peek at some returning cast members. After filming officially wrapped in August, HBO Max let audiences know that the ladies’ second trimester will begin streaming on November 17th, 2022.

Released on October 19th via the HBO Max official YouTube page, the trailer for The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 introduces viewers to some of the wild, sexy, stressful, and a little bit of questionable chaos to come.

Will There Be Any Casting Changes in The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2?

With so much changing on the Essex campus in such a short amount of time, there will be a few changes to the show’s cast as well. According to Kaling’s photo showing the attendees of Season two’s table reading, we will see many of our favorite students return, though a few didn’t make the grade.

Reneé Rapp will be returning as the fashionable, untouchable, emotionally walled-off Leighton. Rapp, a musician as well as an actress, recently released her first original song titled Tattoos. The star’s Twitter feed is full of references to the song and its emotional music video. Additionally, Rapp’s hilarious TikTok is full of backstage antics with her costars who can be seen dancing and singing along to her breakout song. Prior to her starring in The Sex Lives of College Girls, Rapp was known as a stage actress, notably portraying Regina George in Mean Girls on Broadway.

Amrit Kaur will once again take on the role of the charismatic, confident, and sexually curious Bela. Kaur got her start appearing in small roles in various television series at the age of 23, and worked her way up to starring in The Sex Lives of College Girls. The Canadian-born actress recently took a role in the upcoming crime film Stealing Vows, which is currently in post-production.

Pauline Chalamet will return to take on the role of small-town sweetheart Kimberly. Pauline, whose character struggles through her French classes, is actually fluent in the language and has taken French-speaking roles in the past. Most recently she has been involved in the French language series Woke: XAOC where she portrays a character named Sveta. Not only does Chalamet have experience in front of the camera, but behind it as well. The upcoming film What Doesn’t Float features Chalamet as an actress as well as a producer. Chalamet has been credited as a writer and director for multiple short films.

Alyah Chanelle Scott, who portrays Whitney, returns for her role as the star soccer player caught up in a scandalous relationship with her coach. The Sex Lives of College Girls was Scott’s second credited acting role, having previously appeared in the 2019 short film Walk Off.

Gavin Leatherwood, known as Leighton’s older brother and Kimberly’s secret lover Nico in The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 1, has decided to leave the show ahead of the upcoming second season. Leatherwood has said that he enjoyed working on the show, but has decided to branch off in other directions and pursue other opportunities. This leaves a space open on the cast for a muscular heartthrob to steal Kimberly’s heart and drive Bela boy crazy.

Possibly replacing the muscle-bound French tutor is Mitchell Slaggert who will be taking on the role of a new character named Jackson. Not much is known about this new character, or who he will woo in the upcoming season, though it seems he will be moving into the suite next door, and bothering the women in more ways than one.

Apart from the main cast, we will be seeing a return of fan-favorite Renika Williams as Willow, Whitney’s trustworthy lesbian teammate; Lolo Spencer as Jocelyn, the body-confident party girl who maintains her social media standing along with her grades; Mekki Leeper as Eric, editor of the now defunct Catalan; Ilia Isorelýs Paulino as Lila, Kimberly’s sassy coworker at the coffee shop who always has the right things to say; and Chris Meyers as kind and cool Canaan, Whitney’s more than a one-night stand.

What Will The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Be About?

In Season 2 audiences will see the girls return from Thanksgiving break to suite 104, where an attractive new neighbor has moved in next door. Winter term has begun and with it comes more themed get-togethers, such as the Winter Underland party, and a fundraiser for the environment that heats things up when the students create their own female-powered strip show to stop climate change. Along with these exciting new extracurriculars, the show has some loose ends to tie up.

At the end of Season 1, audiences saw Kimberly facing the consequences of cheating on her Econ midterm exam. After handing over the Theta Del trove of exam answers and confessing to her wrongdoings, the honor board rules that she has violated the Essex honor code, which is taken very seriously. Kimberly, who loves her classes, is struggling academically for the first time in her life. While working five days a week in order to afford her tuition, Kimberly doesn’t have much time to study, and in her first year of freedom, doesn’t always spend her free time with her nose in the books. Her family made huge sacrifices for her to attend the prestigious school, and she feels an immense amount of pressure to do well, at whatever the cost is. Unfortunately, that cost gets a lot higher when the honor board rules that she isn’t expelled, but that her scholarship has been revoked. In Season 2 Kimberly tries to come up with a plan to raise the $42,000 a year needed to continue her education. From feet pics to getting hit by a bus on purpose, her friends are there to support her with top-notch ideas to get her hands on some cash.

With the truth about the sexual assaults taking place at the Catalan, Bela, along with the other female writers, Evangeline and Jo, officially quit the comedy paper. Later that night Bela agrees to join her female writers on a new, women-only comedy project at the school. The series did an amazing job tackling the all-too-relatable reality of sexual assault, showing how the topic is often mishandled, and teaching audiences about how these situations should be treated. Eric, one of the Catalan editors, speaks to Bela about how he’s unsure of what’s to come for him in the future, having to sever ties with his now ex-best friend and move out of their shared apartment as a result. It sounds like this will be the end of the Catalan and the beginning of Bela’s reign as a comedy queen on campus. All she has to do now is convince her parents that she can succeed in a comedy career.

Leighton broke up with Alicia, who she was dating in secret, due to her fear of coming out. After realizing that she doesn’t want to lose Alicia she reveals the truth of her private life to Kimberly, a big step in breaking down the walls she has built to keep herself safe. In the coming season, we will see how Leighton deals with her sexuality, and if she’s willing to risk her reputation and relationship with her family to finally be herself. Based on the trailer Leighton is doing more than just coming out, she’s making up for lost time, talking to around thirty women at once.

Since the news broke about Whitney’s affair with her coach, the women’s soccer team is in shambles. The scandal, her broken relationship, and the way that the female team is treated by the school has taken its toll on her throughout the first season, but Whitney’s most important character development is that she finally feels like she can be honest with her mother. Now with the support of her politician mom, audiences will have to wait and see how Whitney deals with the future of her sports career, and the future of her relationship with the sweet and equally cool Canaan. In Season 2 Whitney will need to confront Canaan about the reality of their relationship and ask if he’s seeing other people. It seems Whitney wants more than just a one-night stand.

Nico, Leighton’s brother, and Kimberly’s love interest was caught cheating on his sister’s sweet and innocent roommate. After Kimberly gets caught cheating on her exam, a guilty Nico lets her take his fraternity’s trove of exam answers in hopes that it keeps her from getting expelled. With Gavin Leatherwood, the actor who plays Nico, stating that he and his character won’t be returning in the second season, we will have to learn Nico’s fate from his sister. Did he and his fraternity brothers get expelled, or did he decide to study abroad with his other girlfriend in Brazil? There are plenty of juicy questions audiences can’t wait to see answered in the upcoming season.

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Where Will You Be Able To Watch The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2?

Season two of The Sex Lives of College Girls will be available to stream on HBO Max. The first season’s ten episodes were released in weekly installments over the course of three weeks. It is not yet known if the second season will be released in the same fashion, but it did keep viewers on the edges of their seats last year, wondering what antics would take place next on the wild college campus.

Interested in Mindy Kaling’s Other Groundbreaking Projects?

Mindy Kaling, the genius comedy writer behind The Sex Lives of College Girls, is an accomplished actress, writer, director, and producer, as well as the creator behind some awesome, and possibly mildly autobiographical pieces. Mindy, an Indian-American comedian, has stated that her parents raised her to have the entitlement of a tall, blonde, white man, and some of her projects show her characters embodying that sentiment. In The Sex Live of College Girls, we see Bela, the daughter of Indian-American immigrant parents who wish to see her become a doctor, decide to make waves by breaking into the all-male comedy paper, The Catalan. In Never Have I Ever, Indian-American teenager Devi Vishwakumar, decides she wants to change her life for the better. She wants to be cool, and popular, and get with a steaming hot boy in her class. Kaling has stated that she based the 15-year-old character on herself. In her series The Mindy Project, she bases the main character on her own mother, an OB/GYN who deals with her tumultuous personal life while being the only female doctor in her practice. In her film Late Night, Mindy portrays a young woman brought onto an all-male team of writers for a late-night comedy show. Not taken seriously at first, she proves that her perspective as a woman of color can make the talk show that much better. Through these series and films, the brilliant comedian has inspired young women around the world to take charge and shoot for the stars. Additionally, Kaling has brought representation of South Asian women to the big screen in awesome, hilarious, and smart, stand-out roles.

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